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REPORT 28 - August 2001

The End

By getting your head down and slaving away, those with a healthy disrespect for responsibility can soon earn the cash to experience a little of life's diversity. With basic around the World airfares now how costing as little as 650, the World really is there for the taking. We met hundreds of other "travellers" from all walks of life. The young, like us, seemed to be travelling before starting that first job, a final meal of indulgence before the monotony of modern life. The more mature travellers we met seemed to have been motivated into "seeing it" before that dodgy hip or sore back prevented them.

Whatever the reason for deciding to see the World, undertaking a project of this nature has unquestionably changed us as people; that is, at the end of the day, the point. Having been home now for a month or two we have both had time to digest the trips effects on us, and the way our attitude to life has changed. We may have been lucky enough to see a huge slice of the Worlds wonders but this is really only half of what you stand to gain by undertaking such an adventure. Having braved all that some of the world's most impoverished countries could throw at us, we are left with a certain confidence. The simple fact that we have managed to get by in some of the world's toughest countries has obviously left us fearing nothing that life in placid old Britain can throw in our path.

Before setting off we had both perceived it to be about places, cities and natural wonder. In the end, for us anyway, it was the people that were by far the most interesting aspect. People always say that humans are all alike but the diversity we noticed was incredible. The Aboriginals with their self sufficiency and "one day at a time" mentality yet the Indians with their entrepreneurial almost Thatcherite principles nicely demonstrating two extremes of human nature.

The lasting effects of our trip however will be in the way we see our own county. We now appreciate how similar we are as Europeans. The French may like their wine and the Germans may be partial to a spot of sausage, but in global terms these "differences" are totally superficial. When you have seen how different people can be, you come to realise that the British, Italians, Spainish, French and Germans are all at the end of the day whistling to the same tune.

Our favourite countries? It's just personal taste but if you are looking for a taste of Asia then why not jump in at the deep end and head off to India and if you are looking for something a bit different then exploring New Zealand is as close as you can get to time travel; England 40 years ago; its innocence and beauty still intact.

One of the most commonly asked questions is how much did it cost? Well on top of airfares (kindly donated!) we worked out that staying in budget accommodation but seeing and doing everything we wanted, we spent around 4500 British pounds each. Our spending in Asia was however very low with a daily budget of seven pounds per person proving easy to stick to, but in the States 25-30 was more the order of the day.

Is it safe? Well we never had any problems, common sense being the M16 in any travellers arsenal. Any heart stopping moments? One when we turned up for a flight a day late (it was ok in the end) and the other when it suddenly dawned as we waited to check into a flight to Washington that maybe there were two Washington's.

For all those who are contemplating a trip of this nature our advice, for all it is worth, would be just go with the flow, things have a way of turning out for the best. Don't spend too much time planning, as you will always see problems if you look close enough...Oh, and take some string......

Jon & liz
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The Beginning 14 - THAILAND Bangkok
01 - INDIA Delhi 15 - THAILAND Bridge Over the River Kwai
02 - INDIA Agra Taj Mahal 16 - THAILAND Chang Mai - The Long Necks
03 - INDIA Jaipur 17 - AUSTRALIA Kakadu National Park
04 - INDIA Camel Safari 18 - AUSTRALIA Ayers Rock
05 - INDIA Mount Abu 19 - AUSTRALIA Great barrier Reef
06 - INDIA Goa 20 - AUSTRALIA Fraser Island
07 - INDIA Mumbai (Bombay) 21 - AUSTRALIA Sydney
08 - HONG KONG 22 - NEW ZEALAND South Island
09 - PHILIPPINES Boracay & Panglao Island 23 - NEW ZEALAND North Island
10 - PHILIPPINES Bohol Chocolate Hills 24 - USA Hawaii Oahu Island
11 - PHILIPPINES Banaue Rice Terraces 25 - USA San Francisco
12 - MALAYSIA Kuala Lumpur 26 - USA Washington DC
13 - MALAYSIA Penang, Georgetown 27 - USA New York
  28 - UK - THE END
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